10 Improved Ways to Wear Jeans and a T-Shirt

A pair of jeans with a basic t-shirt is the look that every girl can wear to open the wardrobe. It’s been tested and it is true: the look works for any casual occasion, but it can be dull and that happens quite often, so let’s give some tips to improve a little more these basic parts.

A long necklace can highlight a basic t-shirt

All that use a neutral shirt with a big collar and flashy are smashing and all we were obsessed by the look. This is a trend that has been around for some time and is used by many famous models on the catwalks. A long necklace is the perfect accessory for a basic t-shirt and you still have several options.
You can chain necklace, school or a more delicate with a stone at the tip. You can still opt for necklaces made of woven and braided chains.

Add jumps and a blazer

Want to use a casual look, but still look chic? Try the trick of the blazer and heels. Use these pieces don’t just leave those jeans more sophisticated, like a modern look to create basic t-shirt that all women would like to convey. This is a great pick for a Friday at the Office and for the happy hour after.

Let your shoes shine

Jeans and t-shirt is the perfect outfit to make your shoes they call all the attention. You’re wearing something neutral, your shoes will stand out completely and it is the perfect opportunity for you to wear a shoe with animal print, or colored boots and even sexy heels. Any footwear you choose will draw attention. For you who love shoes, this is your chance!

Scarves are a great choice of accessory for your t-shirt

Add colorful scarves to visual is a great way to increase your basic look of jeans and t-shirt. Choose scarves that make the color of your shirt match with them and to draw attention at the same time. If you are using a purple t-shirt, choose a scarf with elements of lilac, for example.
This is also a perfect way to wear the shirts on colder days with the scarf to help warm up.

Let the boho look with a fringe and a hat

Sometimes the power of clothes to accessories. The key is about adopting a particular style, which is the boho-trend of recent months. Choose a bag with fringes and a stylish hat that will make you be anything but basic. You’ll be with a visual exotic others will admire,
you can also follow this rule with other accessories to form other styles that are to your liking.

Add brightness

Bright colors will jump out of your jeans and t-shirt and you can incorporate them in the way you prefer. A pair of green spectacles, bags, orange or red hats will certainly change your look. You must choose what makes you feel comfortable. If you love a vibrant color, this is the tip for you.

Transfer the focus to your hair and makeup

You can also draw attention to a basic outfit for your hair and makeup. This is a fun choice to make and will make you make sure people are looking at you and not to your clothes.
You wanna opt for a vibrant pink lipstick and elaborate braiding.