20 Looks Of Aria In Pretty Little Liars We Love

Question mode, the series are a great source of inspiration. Selena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and Rachel Green in Friends. In the Pretty Little Liars series, it is Aria Montgomery, who won the prize for the most stylish heroine. Decryption of the look of the pretty brunette.

All fans of Pretty Little Liars will tell you: the mode has an important place in the series. The main, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna heroines are always super look.

Each of their appearance is a real fashion show, even in the worst situations (they are still stalked by a psychopath murderer).

Aria, the most stylish small liars, has a very particular style. She oscillates between a rock look’roll and romantic Bohemian.

Always very feminine, she knows to highlight. Always to the point about the latest fashion trends, she opts for a sharp style, without ever overdoing it.

Style of Aria Montgomery: fetish clothes


The pretty brunette, encamped by the actress Lucy Hale, has it all. A mischievous smile, a checkered relationship with the very hot Ezra and a look to die for. She loves fashion, and it shows.

On the side of clothing, Aria has some strong pieces that define its unique style. Starting with the perfecto.

To accentuate his a little rock style, it combines this leather jacket with most of her outfits. Whether in high school, to work or to get out, Aria is also a lot of blazers.

However, the rest of his dressing room is much more girly. ARIA is totally addicted to the little dresses trends and miniskirts. The little black dress is part of the essential mode of his dressing room.

Summer and winter, she loves to show off her long legs and is only very rarely pants.

Another feature, Aria loves the mix’ doesn’t match. We love when she mixes stripes and Leopard.

His favorite reasons? Aztec prints, flowers, or animal inspirations. And as if the series was not enough morbid, Aria loves wearing skulls.

Question colours, Aria prefer dark colors. Even if she does not hesitate to wear some touches of bright colors, she often approached Burgundy, black, Brown or grey tones.

Aria Montgomery style: fashion accessories favorite


Always very prepared, Aria gives many meanings to the details of her look. And this necessarily involves fashion accessories.

Jewelry, bags, shoes trends, scarves, the Aria dressing is full of marvels. To the point that we would like to have the same!

For shoes, Aria is often perched on the stilettos. His favorite model? The low leather boots, what she’s wearing with flowery dresses or flared skirts small.

We also love her collection of shoes varnish, very sophisticated.

To enhance her outfits, Aria does not hesitate to approach jewelry XXL. Necklaces Pendants, rings and bracelets fantasies, we necessarily adheres to his whim of the big jewelry. Nothing like to accessorize a dress too simple.

Question handbag, Aria also collected the bag it. Each of her handbags made us drool with envy. Colorful tote, glitter or classic bucket bag pouch, the pretty brunette knows how to associate its accessories.