2016 Combinations with the Same Piece!

I love the clothes from the online shop, now and then, I’m out there parading the brand looks too right, when you put quality, good taste, trim, finishing all along you can’t fix, we are always connected with everything that rolls on the current station. And to show I took I really like, I decided to put together a post with a variety of looks for you to use and abuse all his pieces. Those who follow the social networks and blog, you know that the clothes appeared in several looks around here. I think the pieces are translating well to current line, all with sophisticated and glamorous touch to the fall/winter asks. It has provided heavier coats, even those parts that we love, as differentiated skirts and blouses female super.

E-commerce is marked by high quality, security and satisfaction. The site comes walking into prominence in women’s fashion segment of the country, and today many consider the webshop the best option. Especially women. We care about values such as: secure website, email and phone customer service, company with more than 10 years in the market and meets the whole Brazil multi-brand shops (sell wholesale), affirming commitment to the satisfaction of its customers.

The PKS Girl is a trademark of Santa Catarina and that translates the attitude of contemporary women bringing in every look, his personality and attitude. We have a website with online sales, where gathers all collections developed with quality materials, all inspired by the urban style and in the most diverse personalities of the Brazilian woman, the brand still brings pieces of the most varied styles, including pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, and more a multitude of products for you to compose incredible looks and inspiring! And best of all, you buy everything with heavy security around the site and receives at home, and thus avoid facing disorder queues, traffic, crowds. I love convenience, it’s amazing!!!