2016 Summer Fashion: Clothes and Accessories!

You have time, will you have patience to search cool clothes and accessories by numerous shops of the city? If your answer is no, then continue reading this post. But if your answer is yes is very welcome, we are sure that although love hitting legs you also don’t give up convenience!  And it was exactly thinking that, to facilitate the daily lives of women, that the Semi fine jewelry Design & Fashion Home decided to unite all we’re looking for in one place. As the name implies, the store is specialized in sale of semijoias thin, clothes, shoes and even products for the home. Want thing better than going into a place and get out of there with the full look, from head to toe? For those who is already tuned in 2016 summer fashion, love to do some compritchas, but complains about the lack of time to be walking around, this is the right address!

The Semi Design Fashion fine jewelry & Home is a reference in Campo Grande (MS) when it is Semi high-luxury fine jewelry and, due to the growth and success, the businesswoman Eliz Mingroni (store owner) decided to invest also in the fashion industry, but with a proposal that adds elegance and sophistication. For summer 2016 to Semi fine jewelry Design & Fashion Home received several new features, among them the new collection of Perfume Launches, one of the “flagship” of the store. For those not familiar, the Spear Perfume is a brand with a focus on fashion daring, flowery, with striking details well, excellent quality, for women of strong character and full of style. Anyway girls, muiiitas lovely parts arrived in Semi Design & Home Fashion fine jewelry, clothing and accessories to freak out the chicks. We didn’t lose time and we were running check everything blank!