25 Evening Dresses To Blake Lively

Blake Lively, we want everything: her hair, her boyfriend, her legs. EVERYTHING. Starting with his dressing room. Dress strapless, short dress or long dress, you will find 25 evening dresses that we dream sting to Blake Lively.

We can say: level style, Blake Lively is a true source of inspiration. On red carpet and in the city, the actress knows fashion missteps to avoid. At each appearance, she multiplies the right combinations playing perfectly with cuts and colors.

And since she inspires us, it decrypts the style, we made the rounds of evening dresses she wears and we drool in front of his dressing room of Princess.

Blake Lively evening dresses: models

Being a little mouse to sneak into the dressing room of Blake Lively? The absolute fantasy. I must say that there looks to sting to Blake Lively. Evening dresses, the actress has to do.

On the red carpet, she has a gift, one to wear the robe as a person. Often, she opts for the split long dress, history to reveal her slender legs. Sometimes, she prefers the plunging neckline. But, anyway, she always ends up with a tight long dress.

When to choose a party dress, Blake Lively has an eye. When the opportunity is ready, the pretty blonde opts for the dresses short trend she always wears with a nice pair of shoes (because she knows walk in heels without hurting feet).

Finally, the actress knows dare. Modern cuts and colors pop, Blake Lively knows what he will (all?). So, she goes. Asymmetrical dresses and shoulders cut, Blake is afraid of nothing.

Blake Lively evening dresses: style

Blake Lively, it is a style. The pretty blonde knows change as of shirts. Of femme fatale Princess, one dress is enough to transform her.

When she wants to play the card of seduction, she put everything on its many strengths. Backless dress, cleavage or dress split, Blake is revealed.

Instead, when she wants to play the card of romanticism, the actress turns rather on the white trend dresses. Lace, sometimes a few Rhinestones, it offers a silhouette light all in sweets.

For chic evenings, Blake Lively knows do the splits: the dress cocktail way Oscars with train and all the trimmings to the sober dress with retail jewelry. Fortich.

And then, a bit like us, when Blake Lively wants to be chic without too much, it adopts the little black dress. With a nice pair of low-boots or shoes, it mat.

We want the same as Blake Lively evening dresses. Not you?