25 Inspiring Looks From Carrie Bradshaw

When it comes to Carrie Bradshaw, we necessarily think fashionable. High priestess of the style in his series Sex & the City, we love see her walking the streets of New York in designer dresses. All most extravagant each other, it is the highest point on the outfits look of Carrie Bradshaw.
“I like my money when it’s here where I can see it: on hangers in my closet.” It reminds you something? Famous quote from Carrie Bradshaw, she sets the stage for the series Sex and the City .

Timeless series at the end of the nineties, SATC pushed women from around the world to draw inspiration from the style of the four heroines.

Over their amorous conquests and their gatherings, they appear in ultra sharp outfits. Each episode is a real fashion show.

These iconic looks forged the legend of Carrie Bradshaw, who became the ultimate fashion icon .

Carrie Bradshaw style: designer dresses

Issue clothes, Carrie loves dresses trends. Ruffles, prints, of the color, she dares all. We love see her running after a taxi in tutu and shoes to twelve centimetres.

Always very chic and elegant, Carrie Bradshaw can juggle with the style codes. And nothing frightens him: she dares as the strict tailor the cowboy look.

In any case, his dressing room is 100% seam. Galliano, Valentino, Dior, Oscar for the Renta… The list of favorite creators of Carrie Bradshaw looks like a programming of fashion week.

In her outfits, nothing is left to chance. Each item is carefully selected and matched, to create an iconic look.


Carrie Bradshaw style: Accessories

Accessories, or more precisely the shoes trends. Big fantasy of Carrie Bradshaw, designer shoes account for more than half of his perfect dressing (and his amazing shopping budget).


And the Kingdom of the shoes, Jimmy Choo is King. Placed at the centre of the attention of Carrie Bradshaw, the pretty blonde could die for for a pair of high heel shoes.

Rarely flat, we wonder how she made to run all day on the twelve centimeters needle (it is a series, we know).

Associated with nice brand handbags and fine jewelry (including the famous Carrie necklace), we totally love the details that make the New York style.

We selected the best looks from Carrie Bradshaw, give you inspiration!