25 Ways To Tie a Scarf Or Scarf

It of well and good to talk about the fashion trends, must understand how wearing them! Not always easy to know how to tie the scarf or how to wear a scarf. Cosmo offers 25 different ways to wear this hyper mode accessory trend. Demonstration video!
Your new scarf, you love it. Hyper trend, it goes with everything and stylizes the lesser of your outfits.

The problem is that you don’t know how to wear. Well you’ll love a little boost and change of the Lord ‘I simply wrap it around my neck. ”

As sometimes just change a little detail to develop a sharp look, have found you a video that will change all your wardrobe Essentials .

A scarf or a scarf, the right hand and the turn is played. 25 ways to tie your scarf or your scarf in 5 minutes? It is possible.

How to tie the scarf or the scarf?

To escape from the too classic outfits, choose a nice scarf to tie around your neck. And to adopt the scarf in a stylish way, you have to choose among dozens of already existing possibilities.

For example, rather than simply spend your scarf around your neck, you can wear it as a scarf around your shoulders. You can also tie it way tie for a so chic.

For a more relaxed mind, you can tie your scarf or your scarf trend way ‘roule’ or literally, in turtle neck.

To do this, wrap your scarf several times around your neck. Then tie a knot with the two sides of your scarf and hide the knot under the fabric.

With this effect “draped necklace” the scarf styles any top. Ideal to wear the white t-shirt very fashionable.


If you like to play with the print mix’ doesn’t match, why not wear two scarves? Color tone-on-tone or reasons that détonnent, you will necessarily create your effect.

You can play with the parts of your different scarves and wrap them together to create an optical illusion. Ideal on a (too) simple outfit.

With what to wear the headscarf or the scarf?


If wearing a scarf against the cold proves rather easy (you wind in it at the slightest gust of wind), the stylish way wear becomes more complicated.

Ditto for the scarf, whether in silk, linen, cotton, patterned, United, with or without pompons, etc.

You can choose how you tie your scarf based on your top, and the shape of the neckline.

You can also act on the jacket that you wear, your style or simply your tastes.

In general, the neckline of your shirt should marry how you tie your accessory. Avoid wearing your very short scarf with a plunging neckline.