27 Things That Only Those Who Have Trouble Getting Dressed Will Understand

You and fashion, makes three. The clothes, you like it, but no more. You may try, you’re sure to have no style and you spend a good hour every day to pick your outfit. Here is an article that is specially made for you!

  • Your wardrobe is a little like Narnia

You never have anything to wear, but yet you’re convinced that there should be some clothes inside.

  • Shopping is never something that you do fun

You are certain of the truth of this phrase and it has even become your new mantra of life .

  • And shopping during the sales?

One word: hell.

  • On the rare occasion where you go shopping, you end up spending all of your money at Starbucks

Not sure where to find skinny jeans but you know very well where to find a hot mocha with a hint of caramel.

  • You are convinced that all the others have a personal stylist

Otherwise, you really don’t understand how they dress too well himself.

  • You really would like your mother dressed you yet…

You are aware that this will force you to postpone this frilly dress with a big bow, but at least you are sure to be quiet.


  • You struggle to arrive on time to any of your appointments

Yet, you’ll love that it qualifies you as someone of punctual, but clearly, it is rather badly.

  • Your friends avoid your calls before a night out

They understand that each time they must help you to find you a stylish outfit that fits the mood of your evening.

  • You wear that “a room”.

Dresses trends and combinations are what you prefer to wear. At least you don’t have to break your head to find mode equations too complicated between a top and a bottom.

  • You don’t separate your clothes little you.

Your best friend wants to borrow a shirt? Sorry, she’s in the sale.

  • Your closet is filled with black

Colored or printed clothing are for highly qualified people to choose their outfit.

  • You consider accessories like the devil

When asked what shoes you wear tonight, you say the only thing you can answer: the only pair you have.

  • Only you are striped shirts

You have heard that it was a real basic mode to have in her wardrobe so you bought five.

  • You keep a journal of all the times where people have complimented you on your outfit

Ah, you still remember the famous dress in summer 2012…


  • And if someone tells you he likes your shoes?

You will never remove them.

  • You hate people who prepare “in 15 minutes”

At the same time, you are sure that these fashionistas are liars. They have necessarily found a secret ploy to go faster than everyone else.

  • You don’t understand why celebrities do the same for their holding…

They already come to associate a party dress with stilettos, it’s an achievement for you!

  • The language of fashion any speaks you

Normcore? What is still this thing?

  • You do not understand this trend of the single earring.

They are supposed to be two, no?

  • Ask yourself if others aren’t crazy

€200 for a simple white t-shirt ?

  • Couture makes you crazy

A 4000 jacket to look like an extra from the planet of the apes? No thanks.


  • When the Mom jeans became fashionable

You have just stung all parts in the closet of your mother, story to do denim.

  • How to wear the midi skirt?

You did not even understand the concept of this room trend.

  • Costume patterns. Slinky dress

Yes, you won’t wear them anytime soon.

  • The majority of your outfits decide depending on your state of fatigue

Vous êtes épuisée et vous devez sortir ce soir ? Un t-shirt et un jean.

  • Vous achetez tous les magazines mensuels

Pour prendre le temps de bien comprendre les conseils mode.