30 Jeans Trend Fall Winter 2016-2017

Jeans are a must of our wardrobes that can be worn for any occasion. But, even if it remains a classic of our closet, jeans is not immune to the influences of the fashion trends. Right, cropped, vintage, slim, flare? Zoom on the jeans trend fall winter 2016-2017 to find jeans perfect.

In the great family of woman’s clothing, denim is certainly one that can not happen. Indispensable and essential.

Yes, summer and winter, the jean is essential. Classic, it has the advantage to be easily. With everything, all the time. Universal pants, he is, too, influenced by the fall fashion trends winter 2016-2017 .

So, what jeans for the winter? Here are all jeans tend to adopt more quickly.

Jeans trend fall winter 2016-2017: the vintage jeans

Autumn-winter welcomes, once more, the vintage jeans. This time, it is everywhere. Maxi wash to the old, degraded colors and cuts of the 1980s, travel through time guaranteed.

We find the classic model at Levi’s 501, Mom Jean shape and size very high.

If you already find in all the good addresses of thrift stores, it will be given to the taste of the day in all major retailers.

How we wear? Rather short or snub with a pair of sneakers trends or rock boots. High Jean waist or low-rise jeans? For once, you have to choose the model you want. Both are ultra trends this winter.

Jeans trend fall winter 2016-2017: the cropped jean

If the vintage jeans is the essential jean of the season, the short jeans or jean 7/8th will be its counterpart. Perfect opposed, he discovers the ankle unlike flare jeans that covers to excess.

Attention: If you want the short, he must love these different cuts of jeans : the cigarette, the slim jeans jean or skinny jeans.

Another trend of the season: the cropped jeans fray. Hemming is elegant and make room for wires that attitude, for a still sharper look.

Jeans trend fall winter 2016-2017: the flare jean

Here it is again. That so? The flared jeans. Long forgotten podiums and collections, flared jeans found its great. With the return to fashion of the 1970s, the very flared jean is the King of the season. Result? We see it everywhere.

Version flare or bootcut, depends on your courage and your morphology. The difference between the two models? Is a very flared jeans flare jeans bootcut, him, is slightly flared.

You choose!

Jeans trend fall winter 2015-2016: the patchwork jeans

Rescued from the 1990s, patchwork jeans retries his chance this season. What is this? For those who do not see what we’re talking about, the patchwork jeans, it’s a jean on which several pieces of fabric were affixed.

This season, the patchwork plays with the different colors of denim. Crude oil on the clear, clear on crude, the jean becomes recycled jeans ‘ and we love this spirit!

Jeans trend fall winter 2016-2017: Culottes

You thought it was cheesy? Think again! Culottes is the trend of the season. Denim, we love it even more.

With a cropped top, a perfecto and a pair of boots or sneakers trends, it guarantees you a style of hell.

To adopt with your eyes closed!

Among the selection, you can find all the jeans trend fall winter 2016-2017. Levi’s, Ba & Sh, H & M or Zara, 30 jeans trends will know enough for you? You have to tell!