30 Looks To Sting To Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner knows how to talk about it. Youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, she is Muse, designer and business woman at age 19 only. Bathed since childhood in the fashion world, today she has her own style. Decryption of the best mode of Kylie Jenner looks.

Kylie Jenner has nothing to envy to Kendall Jenner, his superstar sister. At 19, she chains labels: Muse for the Puma brand, make-up designer and ready-to-wear, followers of fashion shows… Kylie loves fashion, and it shows.

Always very prepared and hyper lookee, cultivates his style following the fashion trends.

MI-teenager mi-working girl, her outfits are always very sexy, whether in the city or in the evening.

Kylie Jenner knows showcase. In all cases, the small Jenner managed to get a place in the fashion sphere.

Style of Kylie Jenner: Street style

In true fashionista Kylie Jenner has his favourite pieces. She loves dresses trends. Slinky dresses are her favorite. She wears them all the time, for all occasions: a walk in the city, hanging out at home or a drink with friends.

Shorter or longer, his Slinky dresses highlight his plastic dream and let see his pretty forms.

Another uniform of Kylie Jenner: ripped skinny jeans. Gross, clear, watery, it’s all different styles.

Associated with cropped tops near the body, they give a structured, sexy look and sportswear. She added a long trench, a bomber, a military jacket or denim jacket. We love!

Kylie Jenner also has his favorite color. Beige, black, Brown, gray, white, Khaki… Her looks are often dark and sober, although she never refuses a key color elegant.

Accessories, beauty knows how to Stylize her outfits. She has a large collection of shoes and handbags.

I must say that in terms of fashion trends, Kylie Jenner is often at the forefront. The latest it bag? She will wear it before everyone else.

For shoes, she ranges from stylish sneakers, boots laced to heels and suede boots.

Style of Kylie Jenner: on red carpet

As a true starlet, Kylie Jenner knows attract the attention of the paparazzi. More on the red carpet. It cultivates something very sexy and at the limit of the bling-bling.

Kylie Jenner, however, remains a big fan of short and slinky dresses. Patterns to parent only sequins and Rhinestones, as on the dresses Balmain she dotes.

Ditto for the combinations. Lace, leather, transparent, regardless of the material, Kylie Jenner love appear in long combination.

His evening wear is often accessorised with a wide belt, to mark its sheer size.

One thing is certain: Kylie Jenner knows putting himself forward. She never hesitates to show a little skin with totally bare legs, a plunging neckline or well-placed geometric cutouts.

In all cases, we love the looks of Kylie Jenner. She has the gift to make us stars in the eyes. We just only to have the same bank account that she!