3D Pen Dress

A Hong Kong-based fashion studio made a dress with a very special pen. The images of the achievement of the result are simply bluffing!

Decidedly, the high-tech and fashion are a couple ultra-hip and rich in ideas! Lately, what are the performance of a small magic pen, used dramatically to create a dress, which have completely blown away us.

This pen, it’s the “3D Doodler”, where melted plastic which solidifies instantly on contact with the air. This technology has inspired the studio mode SHIGO, based in Hong Kong, which used… to make a dress entirely in 3D! Three months of work were needed to dress this “shell” inspired by the marine world. A first in the Nonprofitdictionary of maternity dresses.

To achieve this beautiful piece, the team first realized a pattern printed in 2D, that she then applied on a mannequin, and more precisely on a dress in thick paper strong enough to support this work:

Once the magic pen spent on all of the traits, the boss has been gently removed so that the new shape at best of the dummy. Loops then raised on the side of the dress and on the back. The result is breathtaking:

When a pen magic (and easy to use) for we to ourselves outfits created by following our imagination?