55 Dresses Trend Fall Winter 2016-2017

Followers of the dress, rejoice. It’s time to find out what trends dresses fall winter 2016-2017 reserve us. And, the least that can be said is that there is something for everyone. Short or long, solid or printed, denim or corduroy, madame will be served. Here are 55 dresses trend winter to 55 reasons to love winter in a dress!

Say what you want the dress, is still ultra practice. Even in winter. Good hot tights, a warm coat, a cute pair of shoes trend and the turn is played.

Guarantee 100% speed for the mornings. Suddenly, the dresses trend fall winter, we love collecting them.

We want all forms, of all colors, all subjects.

Spoil yourself, our 55 favorite parts mode has been selected for you. With it, you will necessarily find your happiness.

Dresses fall winter 2016-2017: the style and trends

Again this season, the fall fashion trends winter 2016-2017 offer a trip in time. Winter dresses borrow codes of the 1950s and the 1970s.

With the first, we adopted a studious but chic look with dress shirt and pleated dresses, for example. With the seconds ( 70s dresses), we opted for a hippie figure always so smart but with long dresses and flowered.

As you gotta look ahead: trends remind us to the creativity and originality. Program: to imagine infinite combinations!

With the advent of the pinafore dress, we play associations: a sweater, a t-shirt, blouse, for wearing under your dress? For you to decide.

We also love effect dresses laced, to play the card of the very sexy.

Summarizing: 50s 70s gowns dresses, a gypsy style and a bit of creativity and originality.

Dresses fall winter 2016-2017: the models and materials

We promised you: the radius of the dresses trends, there is something for everyone. First, to keep us warm, there are the mesh or dress sweaterdress. We call it as you want but it is indispensable to our winter ally.

Perfectly, the dress shirt is a little dress for this winter. Seen in Promod, H & M, and the small, must be invested in a classic model.

Among the dresses trends, it will count on the success of the dress long fall winter continues his mad ascent since last summer and the fluid dress that can be worn just as well short or long version.

Material, the jean has the coast. After will be invited in our dressing room with the denim skirt all summer, here it is again with the dress in jeans. Noon, long or short, whatever as long as it is John.

Velvet is also a place of choice. If it is found mainly on warm jackets, it will also be on the dresses of the winter to follow the codes of the trend.

Same for the lace that is a sure value of the winter. It is found especially in Sandro and Orange juice, with pretty games of transparency.

And then, the leather again and again. Classic and easy to wear, leather dress is always the part.

Note: the old embroideries, who invite themselves everywhere this season.

Dresses fall winter 2016-2017: the colors and prints

For colors, play the card super classy of bordeaux. Flashy, deep, reddish, color will be Queen of the season. And for the decidedly very classic, Black fall dresses winter keep their superb and the black and white triumph.