A History Of Tights

What a great invention those tights! Glamorous quintessential fashion accessory usefulness is more established. Over time, even became an indispensable element in the wardrobe of any woman. Not only they allow to warm up, to win in comfort, but also he sublimates our legs. In short, he makes us all succumb.
Today, it is not uncommon to find the tights come in a variety of colors, materials, and to see interpreted in all patterns, from the most classic to the most “fun”! It’s simple, there are more references available in the shops.

But before we get to our Pantyhose Fetish and fantasy, this fashion accessory has experienced several milestones in its development. In order to know what it is, make a small point about “the history of tights”.

And if the sticky told us his story…
Pantyhose took a few years before be recognized as such. This is before the second world war, in 1938, that was born the Nylon, component essential to the manufacture of the tights. Invented by the firm of Nemours bridge, Nylon is a plastic material used such a textile fiber. Two years after this innovation, Nylon stockings for women make their appearance. But the beginning of the war put a stop to their development and manufacturing sites are requisitioned.
Nylon stockings are back in force after the war with the advent of the low fantasy. They then become an indispensable fashion accessory. At the same time the first tights come. They first professional utility, in the middle of the dance, fashion and film. They are same imposed by Serge Lifar (dancer, choreographer) as dressed for work at the Paris Opera.
First ‘real’ tights for women, make their appearance in 1953 in the United States thanks to Allan Gant. Up to then intended for the dancers, they are now manufactured industrially by the Glen Raven company.
The approach of the 1960s, the invention of Lycra revolutionizes the tights. They become more elastic. Today, several kinds of tights are available. We find them opaque, sailing, Lycra, wool… And especially colorful!

Favorite of the drafting :
We love the opaque tights two-tone signed Le Bourget. These tights ultra trend inspired by the “leggings look” present arguments style to color and give a trendy side with all of your outfits.