Arena Swimwear Reviews

Arena presents its line of costumes for the spring-summer 2011 collection. The brand now leader in Waterwear, celebrates a new vision of the aquatic world, recovering the lost or hidden aspects of nature and mixing them in order to obtain a collection that aims to involve tradition and technology. The line Pool in 2011 dedicated to the swimming pool is characterized by a fusion of comfort and technical, obtained in the new proposals of the brand and adapted to the requirements of freedom of movement is necessary for amateurs and professionals.

After the beautiful costumes “Milo” proposed for winter 2011, Arena has started looking for cuts and construction of individual models that combine cutting-edge materials and creativity in the graphics, just remember the Caroline leggings line 80s-style. The choice for this year falls on colors as strong as blue, green, coral red with the natural grays and metallics.

The white swimsuit two piece instead primarily affects the fitness and leisure and between the proposals stand sees the models of the Arena Signature, the brand’s icon garments, reinterpreted for the summer in cool tones and vibrant.

The creations for children retain their fantasies colorful and fun with the new collection and have also new line of Mattel, in models Barbie Collection for girls and Hot Wheels Collection for boys.

The line of swimwear combines highly sought prints and colorful special geometric patterns, designed for young women and trendy even on the beach.

In short, a universe in which space that accompanies every moment of fun and sport.