Asia Argento Red Carpet

Finally Asia Argento is back to unleash his most rebellious side by choosing the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival 2011 a sensual and retro look designed by Alberta Ferretti. The Italian actress, daughter of the legendary horror director Dario Argento, has literally overshadowed colleague Manuela Arcuri, who marched with her ​​on the red carpet, thanks to this beautiful dress is the perfect compromise between a vein transgressive and soul chic and classical: in short, a truly fitting gown to Asia personality and to be seen in the photos of our gallery!

The Venice Film Festival 2011 opened just yesterday, but has already started to give us the outfits really missed. Between the Italian and international VIPs who have trod the red carpet to date, Asia Argento is the one that struck me most.Positively. The sexy dress of the designer sciencedict was truly magnificent and thirty-five on the actress wore a glove. The black dress was made ​​entirely of chiffon; without straps, it expresses soul twofold: it has a retro look at the top and then give way to transparency in the skirt characterized by the effect lace and embroidery.

Really wonderful, a bit ‘ like all creations by Alberta Ferretti. The beauty and charm of Asia Argento, I’ve always found the most intriguing women of Italian cinema, they have been exploited perfectly by this dress so much that the poor Manuela was a little ‘overshadowed, at least according to yours truly. What do you think? We liked the look of Asia Argento, or would you have preferred to see it with different dress? Have your say …