Basic Winter Wardrobe Essentials

It happens really often no longer being able to my laundry. I want to give everything and redo my entire wardrobe. If it takes you too, before moving to the Act and to decide swearing your laundry by the window, here is a little reminder of Basic items to have in your wardrobe that are ESSENTIAL.Like, really. You can live without them (not).

Remember that you will often wear these floral dresses. The sexy summer fashion is the basis of your outfits. So, you canafford to pay a bit more for these, especially if they are made of a quality fabric or if they have a timeless cut. Also, take care and read the labels!

1. The UPS
I prefer neutral colors. White, black, beige or gray. Otherwise, the sailor and the denim shirt are classics. Perfecto and the black jacket are in fashion since forever and don’t be outdate any time soon. Choose them carefully.

  1. The Bottom and dresses
    Black pants remains a classic.Cigarette Cup comes back year after year and done well to everyone.Dark denim is also a good choice.The skirt line and the NRP are also part of the pieces of good versatile wardrobe.

You won’t have that to add to your small kits of the colorful pieces, a bit of glitter and a print for you create a look we fleek as proposed by Véronique. Also, remember to play with the textures.Otherwise, only with these basics, you can create several looks not flat at all!