Beads out of Bra

I get almost daily visitors arrived on my blog with a query about the type “search engines  beads out of my bra”, “how to choose a bra to prevent the beads under the arms,” “breasts overflowing what? Wrong size? “. I had already given some explanations “bead phenomenon” in my article ” Finding your true bra size is important!  “And my”  practical example  ” but the question seems to come so often that I think that it is useful to devote an entire article.

Yes, the beads are a sign of unsuitable bra!

Where do these beads?

This does not mean if you are too big or too fat. Your body size has nothing to do with this situation that can be resolved by wearing the right bra, says theinternetfaqs.

Significant beads are usually a sign that your bra is too small. The bra that you can not contain the entire volume of your chest and, inevitably, it seeks other places to settle your cup this created a generally unsightly overflow.

Another explanation may be the model you wear. The breasts all have different forms and some models are simply not compatible with yours. You have beautiful wear the right size, your breast will be poorly contained by inadequate cap or may escaping the tissue if the form is not suitable, all of which can create beads. So try different bra models before deciding whether to change the size (eg, push-up, without push-up with trash, with balconette etc.).

A common mistake is to increase the tower back thinking it is too tight and that its elastic which is responsible of the beads in the back or under the arm. If you readmy first article , you will see that the band of the bra is very important to properly support your chest. By choosing a looser headband, you will decrease your support. What might happen is that your breast will be less well maintained in the cap and thus escape more easily. So you always have the beads. Similarly, the band may go up in the back, which further reduces support! And the worst part about it is that there will always be in the back and ribs visible marks on the shirt!

A bra is never completely invisible

That said, do not expect your bra becomes completely invisible, even with the right size. Just as there are brands of pants or tights, there is also usually marks bra. Look actresses in movies or other women in the street! You will often see that when a T-shirt is a bit close to the body, you can see the outline of the elastic bra under the fabric in the band. A little visible mark is not a drama.

What is more annoying is if this brand is really important and gives the impression that you really have large bulges in the back. Furthermore, the beads under the arms and in the level are not normal and indicate that you have a bra problem.

How to remove these beads?

The beads on breast: examine its size bra

These beads are created when your bra cup breast cut in half and the brand.Generally, it stands for that you have too little bra as I said. How to know what size to choose?

First, do the test strip : take a bra about nine to the size you think you have, attach it to the first hook (the looser). Now try to pull the headband behind your back. Do you have a lot of margin, that is to say is that you can easily remove the headband of your skin significantly pulling it? If yes, it is that it is probably too big and it’s not that we need to increase, on the contrary!

Conversely, if you can just pull the blindfold and you feel very tight in your bra, it perhaps will actually have to increase your back round . That said, this is the rarest of the two and sometimes confused bra too tight bra and which one is not accustomed.To be certain that your back tower is too small, try to fit two fingers between your skin and your band (in the back always). Impossible or very difficult? So yes, it is too small!In this case, do not touch the cup but increase your back round. Imagine doing a 90C.Now try a 95C and see if your breasts always overflowing.

If your band was too big, it will first need to take a little more to ensure better maintenance of your chest. Thus, your breast will remain stable in the cap will be less chance to escape and thus create the beads. Caution! In order to keep the same volume, you must reduce the size of the strip and thereby increase the bonnet . For 90C, this corresponds to a 85D. For 85B, this corresponds to a 80C etc.This single action can be enough to remove the beads since your breasts will remain in place even if the volume of your bra has not changed (a 90C and 85D are the same volume). Lower back round by increasing the cap as far as necessary until your band is tight enough (without being too much).

If it does not or if your band was already enough to the right size, you must increase the cap to increase the volume capacity of your bra. So you were a 85D … Now you have to try a 85E! If you are still at 90C, take a 90D. If it still does not fit, take a 90E.

Yes, you can have two or three sizes in more than we imagined, especially if we never really found a satisfactory bra size far! If your size out of classic or 85-95 cups A to D, take a look at this page where I try to identify all the places where you can proccurer other sizes in France .

The beads under the arms: well put her bra

The beads under the arms as often related to the same problem that the beads on breast: . Bra is too small Sometimes the breast flesh escapes on the sides (see the back) instead of escape from above. The technique to solve the problem, however, is a little different because you first have to replace your breast.

Anglophone bloggers bra are intractable on the subject: a bra does not turn in a hurry. You have to put his chest every time we puts it (and especially one in a try!) .This helps to move the bead armpit to the cap.  This is an often overlooked given in choosing a bra because we think back her breasts in the cups and hook staples enough but in reality more women can not put their bra properly and this influences the choice of a wrong size.

The first step is to put your lingerie as you do normally. Once in place, you must make sure your that your breast does not overflow. If you see a bulge under your arms, you should take it and make it fit in the cap. The technique is usually to take in your whole hand and place it in your bra. It is possible that it created new beads from above: in this case, you have just discovered that your bra is not actually not adjusted to your breast size and you can follow the technique indicated in the previous section.

To read more details on these fitting techniques (! Simple enough do not worry), read articles of Anglo-Saxon bloggers (ie English):

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In French, you can also read the blog article  Expert Soft which explains the interest and details of existing techniques.

The bulge under the arms and back: a sign of breast distorted by wrong bra?

Anglophone bloggers also have a theory on the pads under the armpits and back .According to many of them, it would signal a reversible deformation of the breast tissue. That is to say that ‘after wearing for too long unsuitable bra, the flesh of your breast would have migrated to the armpits or back and would have remained, as a natural outgrowth. This means that initially even though placing your breast, you will not see any difference: the beads remain very present in your arms, whatever efforts you make to change the bra size! And these beads are also always visible when you are naked.  In applying the above methods, however, regularly (for well put your bra), this deformation would eventually fade because it would force your breast to resume its original shape .

I did some research on the subject and I did not find studies confirming this theory nor large industrial took him seriously. So I can not guarantee you a bad bra deforms within your long term but it seems very credible and it is important that you be aware of this possibility!

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That’s what I have to say on the subject! I hope this article will be used to meet all aspects of this issue that seems to worry more than one!