Beanies with Veil, in Serio Was Necessary?

During this cold winter to spring, because eh, vale we are officially in the spring but the longer resembles a benevolent January than at the time of the flowering of the cherry trees, the beanies have mutated, merging with a new mix and match style trend, the veils with grid or mesh, also known as veiled beanies (in English are always much better the technicalities).

I understood that the wool or beanies hats Yes removes the cold, that the trend of this autumn-winter 2013 / 2014 was not a temporary insanity more and that their massive appearance on fashion blogs had a why based on solid foundations, but eye care!, What about the veiled beanies?

Despite having begun to see it everywhere, I debate between whether I am the lunatic or is this trend that doesn’t make much sense, because see, enlighten me, you have any raison d ‘ être that veil with grid or use that it has escaped me?

I understand that publishers of magazines grunge and with a touch underground such as I-d are geniality, but applied to a normal life, I don’t know, as that I have my doubts about the beanies with veil, Even so everything indicates that what is left of cold spring and the upcoming winter season will become in a true fashionista madness.