Best Dress for the Holidays

“It is the end of the year holidays and there put you honey on your 31!” Follow the advice of Cristina Cordula since his agency makeover in the heart of Paris in order to choose your new year’s Eve dress.

The star of the small screen relookeuse explains how to choose her dress for new year’s Eve: morphology, color, shape, materials… All, we all have to be at the top for the holidays!


And there of course choose a dress to your morphology.
So, if you have a size marked, feel free to put on a dress fitted or with a belt. But if you are round or straight: the right dress suits you perfectly.


Then, what does the sophistication of an evening dress is the material! So choose noble materials because if you choose too simple materials, it’s floral summer dress by internetsailors. What are the materials? Chiffon, sequins, lace… What gives a look more sophisticated.

Show your assets!

If you have a nice chest-choose a neckline that put it in value.
But you can also wear a dress with a neckline in the back or revealing a shoulder. And if you have great legs, show them with opaque tights and a short dress.

Trend colours

Of course: the black and white. But also Burgundy and emerald green – are THE colors of the season.
Here’s my darling, I hope you are at the top for the year-end holidays!

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A model, I have my makeover Agency in Paris. Since 2004, I do the show New Look for a new life on M6, and since 2011, magnificent By Cristina on TEVA where I decrypts the trends fashion and beauty for women. I am also author of 4 books dedicated to the makeover and published by Larousse.