Best Dressed Met Gala 2016

This weekend, Carolane and I have the chance to go to the Gala 2016 the Canadian Grands Ballets.This is an opportunity to gather 600 people who have at heart the mission of les Grands Ballets and who want to support this great cultural company that produces each year performances of ballets of high quality.

I’m probably not the only person here who is a little last minute, so I propose how pimper a really maxi dress to make it worthy of the cheap summer fashion. Usually, it is appropriate to choose a long dress for this kind of event, on the other hand, a midi dress or a dress that covers the knee just as gala. But, once again, you do well what you want!

  1. Add a little clean coat 
    I have several dresses that turn easily into coat if I wear spare.WHAT KIND OF SORCERY THAT IS. I know. The addition of a coat is certainly a practical accessory that allows to not be cold and add a layer of chic (hoooo pun) to your set.

2 .Necklace Imposing: if you do not fancy dress, adding a large collar allows to add a little something to your outfit. You tell me that it goes without saying, by adding a collar, it adds something. It’s not fake.

3 Chic Shoes: whether it’s flat shoes or shoes with heels, a chic shoe often makes all the difference.Remains to be seen what you have in your wardrobe. Personally, I can’t wait to show you my look because the more I think, it’s going to be really beautiful. #TeamTease

4 Makeup One Point : as I do not wear makeup daily, not just not much that I look for making an effort.Well, during a gala, I take 15 minutes for makeup instead of 5, what makes my makeup is often one point. In the spring of the MAC, I was simply pencil contour of Lise Watier everywhere on the lips and I forgot to put a red. I’ve never had as much (Yes surely there) of compliments on my color of lips (lol).To redo.

  1. A CROWN OF BRAID:I have my say that a Crown of braid makes any set really fancy.Besides, it’s really easy to do. If I can, you can. Promised.So give a little more to a somewhat less fancy dress, it’s still easy. Just get creative mode. I can’t wait to show you my look and talk you about this Saturday evening. Watch our @jumellesmode Snapchat and our Instagram for details.