Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy

Bikinis, two-piece, a piece, trikini, looking for THE swimsuit that will go with YOUR silhouette. Soft belly, buttocks, chest? You have a round shape. Cosmo concocts a selection of swimwear on measure to spend the summer without complex.

The world of faaaaabuleux of morphology, there are several boxes.

You enter in the “round” when your figure is heavy as a whole.

You have the stomach? You have the buttocks? You have a generous bust? Your shoulders are curved? You’re rather luscious like Scarlett Johansson ?

No doubt, you are round and is not a shame.

Choose her swimsuit when you have a flabby tummy

Out of the question whether a right to deprive themselves of the beach, stay hidden behind his sarong or swimwear that resemble wetsuits.

Hide this soft underbelly that cannot see, and put your best foot forward. Cosmo has put together a selection of swimwear for your round figure.

Swimsuit one-piece adapted to your morphology round

Side designs a room, opt for sarong cover ups swimwear that will enhance your chest. In terms of colors, not worth to not choose black. The orange, red and blue are available to you.

Soft underbelly: Yes, the two-piece are allowed

Contrary to what one might believe, you are not forced to buy only models a good piece covering.

You sexy two-piece! Choose a wider pants, size or high, to hide your flabby tummy.

And if you still need a bit of help, if you would like to lose weight fast and, dive, with Cosmo and always with a smile, in the Opération Bikini to be ready in time and hour!