Best Tops to Wear with Culottes

Wow! There is a new outfit.

After a long pause, there was the relaunch of the blog and here on another lovely lot has been turned inside out. The time has come and I’ll show you today (finally) a summery and airy outfit.

Originally, this blog was then all alone in my passion for fashion. Over time, new categories were added and I expanded my subject area and limited myself not only on the world of fashion. However, this continues to play a major role in my life and I am still very excited about it. It is always fun! So there should be some in the field of Fashion & Co continue here. The green Culotte makes today the beginning.

Last year this pretty Culotte allowed with “jungle pattern” move into my closet and she was even with last to travel on holiday in Fuerteventura year. It is a perfect summer trousers, if you do not feel like shorts or skirts has. Comfortable, airy, loose and looks to even very stylish made.
Otherwise, so far I could not begin too much with the culotte trend. In these pants I feel, however, just a fiddle and that’s me pretty much the most important thing. Accordingly I decide also be served to your new, what I want to wear – the main thing you feel good! After your clothes are now times like a second skin with yellow dress wearing tips from Beautyphoon.

At the patterned pants I wear a plain Crop Top in black and my beloved Birkenstocks also in black. As you can see-a thoroughly comfortable look for the summer and above all very suitable for everyday use.
How do you like the outfit and what you think of Culottes?

Now all good start to the weekend and for football fans: Enjoy launch the EM! I am also very excited about the first Germany play next Sunday.
Take care!
Your Alyssa