Bikini: 9 Things That Show Us That It Really Isn’t Our Best Friend

We already knew yet, a reminder is in order: the bikini seems straight from hell. Every summer, it’s the same refrain: it’s hot, very hot, 30 degrees in the shade… And we cannot prevent us from out of the closet or buy this famous microscopic swimwear. Even if we confront 9 troublesome points mentioned below.

1. the panties

There are two categories of panties. The first is too wide and yawn on the front, which suggests everything, the second is too small and serves as a string. Here again, you play the string to set the best possible this expensive panties bikini.

2. hello, Underboob.

The underboob? A straight trend originated in the United States that is to subtly reveal the underside of her breast. Another definition of the underboob: effect systematically and involuntarily by your bikini top and which is unfortunately not very graceful. And Yes, hard to properly adjust the strings of his Jersey.

3. the case of the Nipplegate

Our friends the stars, the Queens of the nipplegate on red carpet… If they have one chance in 10 to see their nipples revealed by a strap of dress poorly attached, however we have a chance on two to suffer public humiliation by wearing a bikini. We believe that the tastes of the risk.

4 bomb in restricted water

You have already tried to make a bomb in the water in a bikini? If you blush or break out laughing reading this, we conclude, you also, have already lost your swimsuit, (down, up, or both) by jumping into the water.

5 the string game

Bikinis are usually attached by strings, that we connected all day because they do not. And men a-do-rent detached the strings of their girlfriend/friend/mother/sister/unknown. A little game that may amuse everyone, except you.

6. tight string

History of strings always… The only way to protect you from his rogues dreaming of pull the string? The double-node, which will preserve you from nudity and who will provide you with indefinable neck pain at night by leaving. Yes, between show themselves naked and having hard, you choose.

7 track of strings

And while we’re on the ropes: if it is difficult to bathe with a bikini without risking to end up naked, it is just as dangerous to bask in the Sun in this outfit. You’ll look smart with traces of the strings in the neck and thighs! Wise.

8A the water

Could someone explain to the manufacturers of bikinis that you bathe with? This would avoid that the micro swimsuit does not become transparent in contact with water.

9 sport + bikini = mission impossible

In view of the points mentioned above, you will understand that it is impossible to play a game of volleyball on the beach or jogging. It is to wonder how do these actresses in movies to make their bikini don’t move a millimeter, and here again we have the answer: does not play the comedy that wants to!

Come on girls, this isn’t because we have cited 9 negatives we will leave our bikini babe in the closet. Because basically, it is still unclear why, but we like it!