Black Leather Leggings

Today we will talk of leather pants, leather leggings or leather look. We will give you some advice to do your NIOHC and avoid errors of taste.

Decidedly, leather stands as a must have that runs through the seasons and generations. Among the recommended items, it provides the pants in leather or imitation, kitsch piece of the eighties, which allows to adopt a glamrock look to perfection. However, some fashionistas are struggling to wear everyday. Indeed, everyone has the chance to have thin thighs to Kate Moss! But no panic, there are some simple and easy tips that allow the door was’ Leather style!

Who can wear leggings or leather pants (leather look)?

The fine will fall in love leather pants with ease. Indeed, their silhouette is perfect for this type of pants. However, it will choose in its original color, black, and avoid wearing it with parts looses the risk of making a fashion faux pas. It is better to opt for cropped up for the most daring or knit pullover crewneck / + blazer jacket for the less adventurous.

How to wear leporter when one is a little round?

Buxom girls can also adopt the trend biker provided to mix it with a shirt or other top long enough to clear color. This will cover the best unsightly bulges of the hips and buttocks. So that the shirt is great, it will be necessary that the top is fluid and light. To accessorize all, we advise small heels and even flat shoes (ballerinas, creepers) but also studded rock boots fashion boots motorcycle or rangers. The leg should be avoided like the high heels perched at risk of falling into the vulgar.

Which leggings?

As for cuts, it is better to forget the ultra tight leather pants and hipster in favor of a straight cut with a few folds. colors side, the lees of wine, black, carmine red and electric blue are good options for those sick of seeing life in black!

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