Bra Trend 2016

Beautiful and fancy bras are the trend. Not only today, but always. But what kind of bras are the trend, the dear reader is another question. Almost every year new trends. The celebrities do it before. Well, almost always it is so that the celebrities-enter the beautiful and rich a template of what is currently popular. They present new brands and pieces by designers and get a lot of money for it. Or they work together with their stylists from new trends, this applies not only for evening wear, but also for the underwear. But usually you can see the trends only in the models from the magazines and on the presentations of the fashion collections. What’s hot this year, in 2016 at all? Black always goes or not?But it can also be very different…

Fashion is in the eye of The Beholder: Red Tones And Bands

Who likes to seek new inspiration, which is almost always served well on Pinterest. There is what fashion As for my opinion, the largest selection of images for inspiration. Usually shared by users, but also commissioned by agencies to scatter the trends in network. This is just for bras. This link takes you to the right spot on Pinterest . One falls upon consideration particularly: In Trendbarometer very top are reds and bras with ribbons. Even bras that rise in an unusual way down seem to be all the rage.Trendsetter as Kendall Jenner are leading. But Jennifer Lopez sat in history always trends. Of course, not always with the flow. There flame delivers even parts of the past and new, old trends develop. But if you want to go with the trend:

Bralettes-the Bras Without Underwire

Today for Bralettes, you can see the simple bras without underwire. These are in some cases even simply worn as outerwear, so do not serve as ordinary-classic bra, as you know it. In 2016, these outfits are among the hot summer trends. Unfortunately the weather in Germany makes this regard so many a spanner in the works. But who is funny and what you want to try new, the course does not bother also. Easy to carry, low purchase price and a beautiful neckline. Happy even with a slight push-up effect, as may be. A classic push-up bra, perhaps even as sporty variant is also this year still. He makes her what, and adapts well to the body shape. Such a Push-Up Bra course you can wear as a replacement for a shell.

Daring: The underboob Bra

Whom the bands bra in terms of sexiness is not sufficient, which is well served by the “underboob Bra”.This is significantly more daring and not every woman’s thing. A bra is because certainly the less permissive variant. Yet it can also be hot. Really sexy or almost too sexy is probably because the underboob Bra, the out of nowhere for many, I say it again 2016: is a must! As the “lower end” of bras the name already suggests something extraordinary. Kind of funny and somewhat questionable. But celebrity ladies like Kendall Jenner wear it. The brisket is here exposed. Supposedly it is even suitable for everyday use, but if it is really so cozy? I dare to doubt it. The question of the maintenance should any questions here. The support is rather weak and comfort may not be outstanding. But who carries such a bra that must set different priorities and this will probably also done. Under the chest is simply to find a narrow support band. From support can here talk so little. This is at modigen outfits but rarely given.

The Vintage Sports Bra

Sports bras are 2016 Renner in Germany. They carry an ideal shell and are for sporting activities the best companion. As researchers reportedly found out makes the female breast during sports with some. There you can catch a few good tips if you want to inform you. There is, for example, the High Impact sports bras, which are planned for sports with particularly high load. In addition, there are sports bras for lighter sports like yoga or fitness.These points should always observe. As for bras, there are unfortunately far too few counselors so that we women often wear the wrong size that accompanies us throughout our lives. A sports bra must not only look cool, but also to fulfill its very important function.

In conclusion therefore,

Everyone needs to discover for themselves the bra. There are every year new trends: time permissive times less. but I think that all the most important thing in the matter is not the trend or fashion, but the feeling in the woman herself.