Buttons on Right or Left?

Have is noticed that the majority of male garments the buttons are to the right of the garment while in women are left? Curious origin, although unknown to many, holds large doses of logic.

Buttons of Shirt

About two centuries ago anyone worthy of being considered important or powerful had several servants at their disposal. These people were carrying out everyday tasks to avoid their masters to play them. So many were the facilities that provided that the end came when it comes to dressing.

The servants of the men let him all the clothes prepared to his Lord, so this could dress quickly and efficiently, however, in the case of women, complicated clothing carrying made necessary (although occasionally not so much) external assistance even to the time of fasten the front buttons. As women’s clothes were fastened by their maids, it was decided to change the location of the buttons on these, doing that to be on the left side of the garment, the maids could buckle ’em more easily to initiating the movement with your right hand.

This custom has survived to this day, that the buttons on female shirts tend to be on the left side of the garment and the men on the right. See Internetages for vintage style buttons. Great curiosities of history.