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Functional and well thought out gymnastiktøj from Carite

Active kids and women, of all ages and sizes, can be allowed to feel comfortable on the floor in quality clothes from Carite. That is precisely what is the idea behind when vehicle be designed the same in womens sizes 36-50. Just because it is a larger size, one should not compromise with his sportswear, it can be dressed up like everyone else. For children there are beautiful gymnastics costumes, Dancewear and ballet skirts in size 98-164, which can get all little girls to feel like stars. The colors follow fashion trends, but there is also a larger selection of clothes in black, as is traditional when it comes to gymnastics and fitnesstøj. Carite gym shoes for children and adults in size 22 – 40 is solid and helps to keep the feet on the floor, so it does not slide in the middle of his antics. Especially for children are good gym shoes a necessity, so they are not slipping around and cannot keep up with the others. With you can choose from a wide selection of functional and well thought-out Carite gymnastics, fitness and Dancewear, which can be bought with free * shipping and Exchange as well as 30 days return.

Danish gymnastiktøj, which is known the world over

Denmark has a long history when it comes to gymnastics and sport. It is therefore not surprising that the Danish company Carite is known the world over, in order to produce functional gymnastiktøj in high quality. In particular, the company is known for, to be among the Favorites when the athletes must wear professionally at, for example. Olympiads, European Championships and World Championships. It is definitely not a coincidence. With a focus on fit, body building, muscle designer Carite namely functional and innovative clothing for both professional athletes, as well as to ordinary adults and children who have signed up to team training in the local gymnastics Association or in the gym. Vehicle has repeatedly managed to score high in tests when it comes to function. When the old traditions and experience crossed with new knowledge and fashion trends, one is assured of success.

Family owned and innovative company

Carite is a family-owned company, which was founded in 1929. The company first started up under the brand name Tricotagefabrik, and in 1946 midtjysk name was changed to Carite Sport, since the focus was on sportswear. When the company in 1949, as some of the first on the market, launched the gym suit, was their focus naturally track onto clothing and equipment precisely to the gym. Since the innovative founder, Sean m. Jensen, had to find a name for his company, he chose to name it after his wife and daughters Rikke and Camma Techla. Today headed family company of 4. generation, Jeppe l. Skovhuus, who leads the world renowned venture further in the same innovative style, as his ancestors. Despite the fact that the company is based on ancient traditions, it follows as with the passage of time, and because gymnastics has gradually branched out into various kinds of fitness and dance, will be there today made clothes from Carite, which lends itself particularly well to these kinds of sports, as well as clothing specifically designed for spinning and running.

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