Carnival: How to Choose the Right Look for the Revelry

The Carnival is coming, so already it’s high time I get inspirations to rock in looks and hang out with a lot of style. No matter how you will celebrate in the street carnival, on the beach, in the club or on the promenade, this time you have no excuse not to dare and venture in those combinations that you always wanted but never had the guts. Feel free to abuse the vibrant colors, fun prints and flashy accessories! Just don’t forget to be comfortable, so you can make the most of the revelry.

To help you not to fail in look, we have come up with some tips to have you get ready for the party.


The dresses are an excellent choice for the occasion. You should prefer lightweight fabrics and fluids and feel free to abuse of sparkles, sequins, tulle and fringes. Is the ideal piece to unite comfort with beauty. In addition, the dress enhances the natural sensuality that every woman has (just right!). To get even more comfortable, the tip is to use a short skirt just so you can play on dance without fear of showing what you don’t want. There are compression models on the market who help shape your body and curves.

Shirt and Shorts

The combination T-shirt and shorts is classic for comfort. However, as the Carnival is the party that represents the joy is always good to give a up and Spice up the look. Bet on stylized T-shirts with applications of pedrarias and unusual cutouts. As we are in the summer, cheerful prints and flashy are always welcome. Bet on ethnic prints and floral with vibrant colors. Already in relation to the shorts, the trend is on the rise are the models destroyed (frayed tissue and “detonated”) and with the high waistband (this modeling helps in harmony of proportions of the body).

Skirt and Cropped

If you’re the type who prefers good parts for women, the combination skirt + cropped is for you! For Carnival festivities in the daytime, outdoors, bet in light colors and tissue fluid skirts. The cropped of strips (strappy bra) are super high and can be used both day and night. For night parties, the tip is to wear garments of dark colors and put color in accessories and makeup.

Little monkeys

Ask it of summer 2015, the monkeys are here to stay. The piece has 1000 advantages when it comes to comfort. Usually made with lightweight fabrics bring freshness to the look and leave the woman even more comfortable than with dresses. If you haven’t got yours, look for one that makes his style and augment your closet.

Flat sandals

With regard to footwear, the tip is to bet on sandals or flat shoes (no heel, more known as flipper). Most women love shoes, but when it comes to comfort, the ideal is to leave it aside and bet on a shoe that lets you enjoy a worry-free. Flat sandals are ideal for this. The Gladiator is on the rise and there are countless variations, sure some model suits you!


The trick is to abuse the different accessories to stand out! One of them is the body chain (necklace that crosses the neck region). Hats are always welcome too, even the themed valley! If you’re going to use a purse, small models and cross strap are a good choice. Fringe handbags are still high and help to give an up in your visual! Bet on the combination fringes + vibrant colors, success is right!


The makeup for the Carnival calls for color! It’s the time of year to use shadow color that is at the bottom of the cabinet or that is still untouched in his pick. Bet on vibrant colors like purple, orange, yellow, pink, green and blue. And don’t be afraid to dare! The application of glitter is a good thing, because it helps make any traditional unusual makeup. For those who don’t like shadow, the suggestion is daring in lipstick! Use vibrant colors like pink and orange, for they are the face of summer and carnival.