Carol Pepper Shop

Attention large field, today inaugurates the youngest of clothes that will make the head of the ladies, today’s post is filled to serve as inspiration for looks amazing for the weekend, what woman doesn’t like to combine fashion tips along with accessories of quality, fair price, good taste and style? The looks of today are of Carol Pepper Store, which opens and I will be there soon for panning a few more: to my beautiful closet. The store is very well located and is full of news and with the most fashionable and sought-after looks of the season.

The Carol Pepper Shop rocks on “basics and stylish”, there’s a lot of t-shirts, tops, pants, jacket, dresses, all with delicious fabric and details that make the difference in the look. As the embroidered blouses that are beautiful with a maxi- earring, a pattern that goes into ethnic vibe of the time, or shavers. All right!

The store was born of the will of the sisters Carolina Pepper Soria and Deborah Pepper Soria, Carolina always cool and fashion lover decided to opt for the enterprise business and invest in women’s fashion. Did a course of personal stylist, and how the love for the fashion world has increased, he saw that it was time to open her own business. The sisters, today members seek incessantly novelty in the world of fashion through. Deborah, formed in nutrition during opening week will offer a cocktail the customers and present the possibilities of healthy eating together with a tasty cuisine. And there’s more, fashion consultant Nicole Mandetta will be available to take questions about the latest fashion trends and help choose pieces that most suit you and your style. Guys, the collection is incredible, some amazing looks of get to know Carol Pepper Store.