Carolina De Monaco, a Benchmark of Style Not Fashion Happens

Tomorrow held in civil marriage between Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Although expected a wedding that we will see very little, since the bride and groom want everything in the strictest intimacy (and it seems that they have banned photos), we hope to see some outfits. Among them, insurance that draws attention by its elegance of the bride, the Princess Carolina of Monaco, that always noted for its estilazo. So let’s analyze some of their looks more prominent at weddings and parties, a reference style that timeless.

Wedding day outfits

Caroline of Monaco always characterized by its impeccable style. Princess, mother and grandmother. We could say that it is one of the most stylish Grandmothers of the moment. It is the Muse of Karl Lagerfeld, so Chanel It is his firm header. For all events and Royal Weddings are sheaths in a Chanel Yes or Yes, it knows that it is a sure hit. And I’m sure that tomorrow he will repeat signature.

Its style is classic but always with a touch that trend. A costume with details of feathers or a dress of sensual back on the air, are those signs that make her look in “modern” and away from the boring.

When it comes to a Morning Royal Wedding, There’s none Pamela that can resist. Always bet a large and striking design. A complement that she knows to look very good. We have also seen it with bright headdresses. In terms of styling usually choose dresses combined with tweed jackets in pastel shades. The blue and pink are among your favorite colors.

Looks at night

When we speak of a evening event, party a wedding or dance of the rose, the biggest Monegasque event of the year, your choice are dress lengths in white or black, or a combination of both. The lace and sequins or details of stones tend to decorate many of your designs.

What is clear is that tomorrow Carolina won’t disappoint. His impeccable style has not changed at all with the passage of the years, by the way, leading them very well.