Catwalk Show in New York Celebrate Versace x H & M

That reminds good last year as the hustle and bustle to the H & M collaboration reached its peak with Lanvin, or not? Well, at least a little bit. Because this year everything is down to the liaison between the Swedish fashion house and Versace – the info is scattered more economical, the hustle and bustle sounds less like Fireworks and H & M no longer suggests us the end approaching the world we should and not classified on November 17 to 6 o’clock in the morning in the long queue in front of the some 300 selected branches , to get the back-to-the-roots pieces of the Italian fashion house.

Yes, this time the desire is everything a little discreet and of course Mai right there, to get more information, to find out more and to see more. But here follows the disappointment unfortunately, because what happened yesterday evening on the catwalk in New York, event of the year was announced on the one not as that, nor display brilliant, new records break never-ending show an exclusive images, – or we are there just too spoiled?

A few stars and starlets on the spot were of course and of course were an or other in Versace dressed, to Donatella creations for H & M directly on the Hudson River place eye – Jessica Alba, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Hudson, Blake lively, or Selma Blair were all friendly before the Miami-print displays in the camera. Presents were the iconic pieces of collaboration by none other than Abbey Lee Kershaw, Daphne Guinness, Natasha poly, Lindsey Wixon or Sean O ’ pry and even Prince provided musical Michael, but somehow something was missing.

It wasn’t the collaboration, which is surprisingly schnieke and were even still presented with extra pieces created for the evening.

, The long-awaited Versace for H & M collection offers draped Metallmesh dresses, silk crepe dresses with gold buttons, dresses in multicolored patterns of border and the classic rivet-studded Versace leather jacket for ladies. Men’s elegant suits, printed sweaters and patterned shirts and rivet-studded leather jackets and trousers come.

It wasn’t the guests and the models also. We know well, not why, but something’s missing us this year. Go ’ s you may like and you can call our problem or we shouldn’t out guess so because we were even not doing and maybe even at all does not complain, because it was just too much in the last year?

The show in the moving image:

And it says Donatella to her presentation: