Chiara Ferragni for Italy Independent: New Collection of Fashion Blogger

Chiara Ferragni We once again surprise with a powerful new collaboration of fashion, Italian blogger has no limits and it seems that everything he touches turns to gold. The signatures do not hesitate to hire her to promote their firms and make its products the most desirable of the planet, since it is the most influential blogger and important of the globe. On this occasion the firm that backs up to the gorgeous blogger is Italy Independent, a ground-breaking firm of glasses with really shocking models as those who designed Chiara Ferragni.

The new collection of Chiara Ferragni for Italy Independent is quite simple, only two models of glasses quite different and original. The first of them, and my favorite, is this beige and orange playing with the texture of velvet that knows well the signing of Italian sunglasses. A mount with an oversize with certain air “cat eye” size and mirror glass of golden color, a perfect combination for the summer and the autumn, so the investment of 177€ is more than justified.

The other model is much more classic but it also has that point of fashion with the velour finish on the front of the mount. On the website of the eyewear firm defined it as unisex, although for my taste is fully female. In this case also merges different textures in PIN and rest of Mount although the same color not as in the previous model which combined two tone. The price of the glass is the same and they can be purchased easily on the web. Do you think about the new collaboration of the blogger’s “Golden keys”?