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The name Christina Aguilera exudes success and good taste

It is not uncommon for World stars within sports, movies, music and other artistic and cultural areas at a time creating their own brand. It can be brands of clothing, fragrances, wines and much more. Examples are David Beckham’s scent series, Bjorn Borg underwear, the French tennis star René Lacostes clothing and fragrance lines, as well as Sir Cliff Richards wine label. But super pop star Christina Aguilera also has its own fragrance series. Christina Aguilera has had a long and hugely successful career, since she made her debut at a young age with the title song for the film Mulan, which became a big hit – both the film and the song – and she is far from finished with his musical career. She has also been the official face of a number of the world’s leading brands-including Mercedes-Benz, Sony Ericsson and Pepsi Cola, and she has been and is still deeply involved in various forms of charitable work. But she also has a great career in the fashion industry – more specifically in the perfume industry, in 2004 she launched her first fragrance batch Xpose. The pitched reasonably well, and later she launched through the world-wide company Proctor and Gamble, which owns & a number of the world’s leading brands, its signature fragrance Simply Christina. This fragrance batch achieved to become no. 1 in England during Christmas 2007, in 2008 it was named as customers ‘ choice, as the most celebre fragrance in England, and in 2009 was Simply Christina the 4. best selling perfume in both England and Germany. A selection of fragrances from Christina Aguilera, see at, and when you shop with us, so you always get free * shipping and Exchange as well as 30 day full money back guarantee, if you change your mind about your purchase.

Scents in the world class!

Christina Aguilera is sometimes my looks have been compared with a former superstar, as Marilyn Monroe, which also understood that distort the minds of men – even us iconic President John f. Kennedy. The scents from Christina Aguilera is probably not as dramatic as the former movie star’s life, for the living star also understand diskretionens art. A woman’s fragrance shouldn’t be numbing or headache-inducing – it should be a hint, and like a little mysterious and secretive, it has, in fact, more often than not, a much larger effect than a true sensory bombardment. Christina Aguilera fragrances at exists both as Eau de Toilette, Eau de Perfume and deo sprays, and they can be found among others in lines Christina Aguilera, Woman, Secret, rode his Royal Desire, and Unforgettable. The latter, Unforgettable, turns pretty well set the tone for the singer’s fragrance series. We do not forget them right away!

Choose the strength of Christina Aguilera’s scents

It does not matter for the strength of the scent, whether to choose one or the other kind. Perfume and similar fragrance products are usually essential oils which is dissolved in water or alcohol, and they are generally divided into three categories according to how much of the essential oils they contain. Eau de Cologne has 3%, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Perfume has 5% have 15% essential oils, and it has of course meaning, how strong the smell is. This also applies to the scents from Christina Aguilera.

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