Clothes for Winter Holiday

The perfect outfit for the holidays of end of the year is somewhere between the Bridget Jones reindeer sweater and dress in lame. Morning a little dose of green or glitter to summon the spirit of Christmas without the rampage, this chic casual dress, that you can wear without difficulty the rest of the year, is the one you are looking for!\=

Under The Tree

Green and red magic takes hold of you every December 25? Colors difficult to wear without looking like a Leprechaun of the Santa… To avoid the pitfall without giving up your dreams of children, lower tone and opt for the aubergine and dark green. Velvet, Paisley and the Sandals open, to wear with tights or high socks large mesh, will bring a seventies touch to your look to a new year’s Eve warm and relaxed!

Under The Disco Ball

Since childhood, you can not resist the appeal of the glitter… And the new year is the only time of the year where you can succumb to this guilty pleasure-you share with the biggest stars of the R’B -with impunity! No question therefore deprive you of the joy: consumed with moderation on the neck of a vest and the side of a boot or in light sailing on an evening dress, will sparkle your outfit. 2016 will be flamboyant or not!

Under The Table

Little Red Riding Hood on the way to your grandma to celebrate the Epiphany around of a king cake, you have wearing a cape and a headband mesh, both also adorable that snug. And to complete your model outfit, it’s more, like Cinderella, drag your feet in varnished shoes. Your resolution for good to start the year? Enchant every day to live a fairy tale!