Coconut Water for C & A!

The C & A ‘s with everything and not prose. Mal has just released his collection with the British designer Stella McCartney, and fast fashion just drop a new bombshell: the partnership with brand beachwear coconut water. I want!

The collection is complete with feminine lines, men, children, accessories, shoes, bikinis and bathing suits go beyond the sea and the swimming pool are heavenly look that circulate easily in yachts, boardwalks and resorts. All this of course with affordable prices of C & A and lots of information sets!!!

The collection will have seven prints – stroke, straw Panama stripe, floral with Oz, coconut trees, giraffe, palm trees, stripes and landscape – giving a freshness to this summer, present in different models in bikinis, swimming suits, caftans, dresses, pants, skirts, swimwear, shorts and t-shirts. Clippings and metals will be the difference in this partnership. All the prints are water features and coconut are beautiful to live. Perfect to rock on the beaches and swimming pools that Brazil or world!

And don’t think this collection is done only in bikinis, the center came stuffed with sophistication, ideal to rock on summer nights, are dressed in leaked clippings, neoprene, long pants jumpsuit pantaloons, miniskirts, long skirts with crack, shirts and cropped top. Oh my buck! Heheheh!