Cufflinks – How to Use

Learn How To Put A Cufflink, Where To Buy And See Photos Of Men Wearing A Cufflink

When the full outfit was still common in men, cufflinks (or cufflinks) were synonymous with elegant and sophisticated accessory, being quite used at the time. Over time it has been forgotten, but to this day it is still used in the social style.

The cufflink is an accessory used by women and mainly by men to attach the cuffs of social shirts. Whoever wears a shirt of this type should almost wear it.

Where To Buy A Cufflink

There are various types of cufflinks, made of gold, silver and steel which are cheaper. Finding selling is not easy, through the internet we find customized models like skull, torpedo, submarine, silk knot and among others. There are luxury cufflinks of brands such as Montblanc, Armani, Alexander McQueen, Ricardo Almeida, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein, H Stern, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany.

How To Wear A Button

If you wear cufflinks on several occasions, however, wear a tuxedo, blazer, or jacket with the right size sleeves at least 1 inch from the cuff.

You can see it is not necessary to wear only on formal looks, casual matching with jeans can also. On the other hand in Brazil double cuffs are considered as formal models. In social style it is used by grooms in marriage, work, parties and among other places.

There are ways to use with simple cuff shirts, however you need to modify the shirt structure with a seamstress. What often is not worth it!

How To Put Cufflinks On Shirt Cuffs

Do not know how to button or place? This video teaches you how to put it step by step. Even being in English, you can understand perfectly through the images.