Different Styles of Mens Dress Shirts

The Style of dress shirts Le col de Chemise.

The purpose of a shirt collar is well balance and frame the face of a man. It is the most visible of a shirt when you wear a jacket and due to its proximity to the face, she plays a very important role in the determination of the formality and the use of the shirt. For this article, we will talk to the folded collar and its two main variants, the right and ecarte.

Straight neck – collar style most frequently observed in the United States is the right collar; found on 95% of shirts dress (excluding advertising), it is cut so that the collar points are close enough with a col at or below 60 degrees angle. The advantage of this style of neck is that points are closely longer, which tends to draw the eye down in elongating the face. Unfortunately, most of the ready-to-wear manufacturers seek the right balance and do not narrow enough angle or spikes long enough to fully reap the benefits of this effect.

Waived pass – the second style is spread or “cut”. These collars have spikes “Apart” where the name, revealing more of the upper area of the shirt; Typically we see these collars with angles greater than 90 degrees. These collars are great for men who have a medium or long face shape as it’s been the opposite effect of the straight passes and it better distributes the look on the face.

The shirt sleeves

In addition to the pass, the cuffs of the shirt are the only visible a shirt parties when a jacket is worn; they are divided into two types, button (casual to dressed) and french (official).

Buttoned cuffs – buttoned cuffs are simple cuffs that wrap around the arm and are buttoned on the spot. These are the wrists more often found on the ready to wear shirts. Buttoned cuffs can have a single button or can be adjustable, with two buttons on each side. Some shirts have two slots and two vertical buttons – a more formal option, often called the “musketeer wrist.” Buttoned cuffs can also have a little button on the handle between the wrist and the end of the cuff opening, to avoid the area of the opening and the exhibition of the man’s wrist.

French cuffs – french cuffs are the most formal option, but are perfect for everyday in many sectors such as finance. The french wrist is a double cuff folded and secured with cufflinks to create a distinctive and distinguished appearance. Cufflinks should always be worn – there is of course the more subtle options available, such as the nodes in the fabric – like that every man must be willing to keep a reasonable choice in hand.

Shirt buttons

Most of the buttons today are made of plastic, a material suitable for employment as it is inexpensive and strong enough. However, if a low quality resin is used, the base of your buttons will crack, and they can break in one year. An eloquent alternative to plastic is the Pearl (also called the mother of pearls). In fact is not really pearls, these buttons are made from shells and are so hard that they can break needles. They are only on couture clothes today, due to their cost and the tendency to fall apart over time when exposed to aggressive detergents.

The choice of a shirt is an art in itself and demand a lot of knowledge, but especially taste. That is why we have tried in this article to talk about all the characteristics of a dress shirt to help you choose your next dress shirts best and stand on each occasion where you get to wear.

And since to match your shirt with a tie and costume can be a tricky business. We will prepare soon other guides on how to match your tie with your dress shirts etcostumes.

So stay tuned on SM and do not hesitate to tell us what you think and give us examples in images of your favorite shirts.