Directions to Tie a Tie

Few things truly define “Dress for Success” as the tie of a man. A man wearing a tie appears as formal, elegant and intelligent, it has a publication or simply attend a Christmas party. If equality is related harm, however, any image can be ruined, so make sure that things are done properly before going out into the world to impress.

Four node for occupancy

This node is most commonly used when tying a tie; Most of the links you see are in the form of a four-in-hand knot. Start with the wide end of your tie on your right and the thin end on the left. The wide end should be about a foot longer than the thin end. Cross the right side on the upper left side, then wrap it around the back. Cross the right overtop again.

All of this cross has created a loop or hole near your neck. Push the thick end of the tie on the back of this loop. Hold the loose knot with your left hand, and push the wide end of the tie down the front of the loop. This will take in one of the overlapping previously made, and will be the complete node.

Once the knot is formed, simply tighten the tie. Hold the thin arms of the tie and push it up to the node your collar, until in the right place.

Windsor knot

Our site, the Windsor knot is used for the most formal occasions, and is usually worn with a wide collar shirt.Like the four-in-hand knot, the link should be draped around your neck with the wider side of the right side and thin on the left. The widest side should be much longer than the thinner side. Cross the right overtop of the left and slide it behind the crossover, near the neck. When pulled through the center, the wide side should be on the right.

Cross the wide end of the tie on the thin side, moving from right to left. Maintain the wide end above the central zone, where a loop is formed. Tuck the wide end under the loop, from your collar down. When he passed under the node, hold the wide end on the right side again.

Cross the wide end of the tie on the center, moving from right to left. Then slide in the central area, pushing up towards the neck. When the wide end is disengaged from the loop, it will be close to the collar and in the center of the node. Push this end down through the front of the loop, so that it passes under the last lap you did.

This formed all your node; as before, hold the thin arms of the tie and push it up to your collar to tighten the knot.

Tips and tricks

Look in a mirror while you tie your tie, so you can see how the different sides of the tie overlay and make sure that they cross in the right places.

The Internet offers a number of websites that provide diagrams for attaching links. Do not be afraid to consult these to help you look your best.