DIY Denim Jacket

DIY “Pimp My Jacket”: Spice Denim Jacket

Do you wish you also sometimes a funky and flamboyant Jean jacket and be sure but nowhere find anything?
I’ll show you today how you can quickly and easily aufpimpen you your own denim jacket.

From an old denim jacket a new easily customize.

What Do You Need A DIY Denim Jacket?

You need it only

  • a good adhesive (the best, sticks and metal)

DIY Denim Jacket

  • a denim jacket,
  • old buttons,
  • Rhinestones and buttons of your choice.

My Smiley and “I love Pink” patch I bought for example Drugstore Müller in the housewares department. Originally, I was on the net in search of a flamingo or pony, but unfortunately I have not found a suitable Hotfix. According to AbbreviationFinder, DIY means do it yourself.

Often preserved but on spare buttons of blouses and trousers and tucked it ages (usually use the matching blouse then no longer even in the closet). Now they can finally fulfill their purpose and decorate your new hip denim jacket.

Oversized Denim Jacket

Arranges Accessories once a trial basis to, and be sure whether you the style and the arrangement like that. Then you can even with the bonding and iron begin. I opted for a slightly shorter “oversized” denim bolero jacket and not attached too many patches and Klimbim. If you have desire, you can you even kick it a few signs of wear with a file and the jacket a bit more destroyed them look. My jacket is worked up quite a bit and I like it in this case as it is.

If you have bonded and mounted all the jacket let best dry overnight. Finish is the DIY “pimp your jacket”-now rocking the road it! Have fun!

Pssst.. .in the fall will certainly be back to see some jackets and pants with patches and buttons on the streets So you are so trendy!

These are the steps to make from an old denim jacket a stylish jacket with an individual touch.