Down Jacket, The Return Of a Legend

At the end of the 1980s, the young french proudly showed the down jacket Chevignon, well ok, it was rather the gilded youth, one that was sometimes slapped because of this famous jacket; But still! Thanks to its inimitable look, this iconic model marked a whole generation.

Today more than ever, the phenomenon jacket is back on the front of the scene of the trends and to not get left behind by the Moncler, Pyrenex and other Canada Goose, Chevignon brand had the brilliant idea to reaffirm who was the boss in clothing warm.

Inspired by the American clothes, the Togs Unlimited model is rain or shine on the fashion for 30 years as soon as it’s cold. The secret of his success? A style inherited from adventure films in the American North, a look from comfort of workwear, impeccable technical manner of vintage (the chic bonus) ski anoraks and the reinterpretation of a nice coat of retro to the duck motif symbolizing the escape with his wings to the sky.

Whatever the details for which you cherish her again or buy it for the first time, Chevignon jacket will be able to protect you from the cold as much as a fashion misstep!