Down Jackets for Cold Weather

Personal flashbacks around the down jackets or chronology of a trend:

1994, I’m 10 years old, a binder Lafuma, good grades at school, panties with my name written on it and down jackets Chevignon are at least as ugly big Amerindian parka bought me my mother – I mean it’s what I think!

1996, I have 12 years, a brassiere BRA, parted in the Middle, Cup of my mother and I dream of a long down jacket Nafnaf because I like the logo in the form of pigs feet – finally is what I think!

1998, I’m 15 years old, a line of blue pencil on the eyelids, Timberland boots, sweater Morgan too small for me and I dream of a down jacket White Triangle with which I look like Ophélie Winter-finally what I think!

Ten years pass…

January 2010,-19 ° (temperature observed this morning in the Paris region), I have 25 years, parted on the side, a Wolf t-shirt, a poster of muscular in my toilet and I dream of a Canada Goose jacket but the model that pleases me is worth € 750 representing a rent and that, I think that it’s making fun of our mouth. So I’llU NIQLO where there are mountains of down jackets, in all colors, with or without hood, with or without a rug, etc. Read for winter down jackets.

It’s snowing on the France: you took out your down jacket? What do you think of the trend of down jackets to a demi-smic?

A few brands that are jackets that they are well: Abercrombie, Columbia, Pyrenex, The North Face, Napapijri,…