Dress Code for Civil Marriage

Civil marriage to not miss because it represents the union of two people before the law. It is an important celebration for most couples, and for those who do not formalize their union with the Church, it is the central event.

But so far the prototype of wedding dress was often directly associated with the Church. That’s why many brides are wondering How to choose a dress for their civil wedding. On Our site, we give you some useful tips.

  1. Choose a wedding dress for a civil marriage only Arian binding, because there is really no formalities and requirements as for religious marriages. If you wish, you can leave out the typical white, long and somewhat conservative dress, and bet on a different and creative model.

2. If nevertheless want a long, white dress, choose a model with a simple fall, without train or veil. You can then choose the cleavage you want or even to choose a model that is open in the back.

On Mbakecheng, there are summer dresses in white: beige, with embossed or stones details… treat yourself. Go to patterns and colors that appeal to you: after all, it is you the bride.

3. Another alternative: the dress short or to mid-leg, ideal for girls who marry during the summer. It is important to not choose a too short model, the ideal length being 3 or 4 fingers above the knee or, if you wish, to knee-deep.

4. If you want to get out of the conventional but keep classical elements of the wedding dress, you’re in luck, opt for models that combine the color white with other colours, clear tones such as pastels or walleye, different and much more creative cuts.

5. Why not choose one that will best highlight your skin color or your favorite color…

6. If you do not want to wear a dress, you can always appeal to a whole Shirt-Pants. You can also opt for a skirt decentered and a shirt in light colours.