Editorial Fashion-Niver Carola!

For those who love being fashionable without spending a lot is required to read the post until the end. What woman doesn’t love doing those super clothes shopping trends? So, if you’re like me, loves fashion, didn’t give up a novelty and loves to stay tuned in all the good that’s happening out there, stay tuned, because the feeling of luxury I always have many fashion tips every day! Today the “pit stop” is in Store Carola, in Campo Grande/MS, the right address for anyone looking for a store “Fast Fashion”, with looks and prices friends! You know that day, when you need to mount a last-minute production, and when she opens the wardrobe and see nothing there works for the occasion? Run to Carola, and I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for.

The Carola is completing a year of open doors and a lot of success, I am very happy to contribute to the success of a company, and let registered here my admiration for the whole team, by the owners, by the purchasing Department (I’ve never seen so much good taste in a shop), for sellers, for marketing, all departments are weird science! And to celebrate the winner the gift is you, and compete for 1000.00 (UM 1000) on purchases. I am very happy to be part of the team Carola and celebrate along with them. The team is 1000 note. Have look for everyone and perfect for all occasions! And there are several of those basic parts, which we use a lot! I am passionate for parts!

Friday is the day of “party” there, the store will be filled with treats to sweeten our lives even more, and little me I will be there too to throb with the customers and my dear readers, you are my guests and I want a little date with you there eh! You have no notion what will only say one thing: prepare -if. Tomorrow is a holiday and the shop will be open, there are a lot of people who work all day and can’t find the store open, thinking of you, the shop will be open with macaws filled with gorgeous looks as always. The opening is very good, of the 19 hours 9 girls! Ease into our lives don’t they?