Editorial Katraca Fashion!

The best day is Friday. Reached the darling of the week. And there, ready for more an editorial filled with fashion trends, with looks ready to jump out of the screen right into your wardrobe?  Today the virtual showcase of Luxury guess is pumping of news and I’ll warn you: If you have good taste get ready, prepare to leave the House and run up to Katraca, a sweet shop that’s breaking with the collection this season, beautiful pieces, more beautiful still, the way that we like and deserve. And of course a tip like these should be shared, today has over an editorial fashion that has just come out of the oven for you inspire and raze the weekend!

For who doesn’t know, the Katraca is a multi-brand store from Campo Grande/MS suuuper cute, R-E-C-H-E-A-D-the options for women of all styles and ages, with a mix of amazing prices! For this autumn/winter shop offers pieces that can be perfectly used in warm weather but also the fresh nights. Winter fashion trends don’t promise big surprises: some migrated from summer, other are repeated each winter. However all continue with their special charm, leading the consumer more tuned to delirium!

And look how nice this Saturday, the focus of the store is the solidarity, jeans and get 20% discount on purchase of DTA brand jeans. I’m sure you have that jeans doc played there in the little closet that no longer uses, why not donate it to those that need it? In addition to doing good, you get a discount for buying a brand-new jeans and super trendy! The pieces collected will be donated to the women’s Home Institution. And I’ll be tomorrow in store for chat and throb a lot from you. You are all invited, I want to see my dear readers here!