Essentials of a Work Wardrobe

This is it. You rock the interview and call you to offer you a position. A true first adult job. You’re well excited and you’re already thinking about how you will decorate your office #CubiculeLifespace. There, BANG. The big question arises. But to know that I’m going to ben power put me on the back 5 days a week?

If you’re like me, you go by far. Converse kind and sweater to skate away. Fortunately, over time and with my experience in fashion design agency, I knew taking the bull by the horns and find small looks fashion, but corpo.

Here are 10 essential pieces with which you will have several possibilities.

  1. A Black Jacket
    Classic.You can wear it with quite everything and use it to add a chic touch to almost any outfit.It’s the kind of piece for which it’s worth to invest.2. A White Jacket
    It hurt the same work as his black colleague. It will be your best friend in the spring and summer.3. A Pair of Black Pants To Right Leg
    I ordered those at J.Crew online in the Pixie cut and seriously, they are sick. It’s quite the best thing lifeUPS has sent me! They are made in a stretchfabric, but thick, fall perfectly to the ankle and go up top to size. I strongly recommend them!
  2. A Lbd Version Office It is always practical if you have presentations or important meetings.I don’t want to make my mom, but make sure it arrives at the knee and the neckline is rather minimal.5. A Shirt That Stands
    If you don’t want something flat, choose a shirt with stripes or peas. Again, J.Crew and Banana Republic are good choices. Wait for the sales and you will have a piece of quality that won’t cost you the Earth.
  3. A Pretty Dark Jeans, without gradient
    Because even if it’s the day of Friday, yourboyfriendjeans washed out and full of holes is not necessarily a good idea.7. A Beautiful t-shirt
    Invest in one or two beautiful well-cut short-sleeved sweaters. I love the brand Bordeaux, you can find (among others) in anthropology. They do super well and the cotton’s quality.
  4. A Cardigan
    It will allow you to customize virtually any dress summer for the office.Banana Republic has several interesting designs and there are 40% off on Wednesday.Yay!
  5. A Portfolio dress
    Because it’soh-so-lovely and really grown-up, you know!10. A Pair of comfortable high heels
    Same thing for the black lace dress for the summer holidays. You never know when it will be able to serve you and also well having a pair that does not feel like crying after 3 minutes.What are your favorite for your office looks ?