Expo: When The Lingerie Gets Naked…

It is certainly the most glamorous show of the year! “Lingerie French: exposure”, which stands right now at space Pierre Cardin, celebrates the history of the French lingerie and know-how of corsetieres. Yesterday, a handful of aufiennes have had the chance to attend a private tour in the company of Catherine Örmen, curator of the exhibition.

Organized at the initiative of the Association for promoting industries of Corsetry, “Promincor”, this retrospective new covers more than 100 years of creating innovations, luxury and seduction. Eleven French houses – Aubade, Lise Charmel, Barbara, Princess Tam Tam and many others – thus gathered to unveil their iconic models and their exceptional know-how .

In the program of the exhibition under the sign of glamour and seduction, the history of the French lingerie from 1880 to the present day. The first bra to corset in elastic fabric through the sheath in Lycra庐 and the garter belt, all his underwear who dress us and we sublimate, demonstrate their importance in our daily lives and the influence they have had on history. “It’s amazing how history to play a role in the evolution of the female body and the impact it can have on our society.” The exhibition shows us that fashion is finally a forever new beginning! A real treat for the eyes“says Aurelia, an aufienne amazed by exposure.

Icing on the cake, the video of the ‘ transhistorical ‘ Strip that evokes with subtlety the evolution of the female body lingerie has never ceased to re-vamp over the ages. A retrospective novel which will be exported to London, Shanghai and Dubai before it is presented in Korea, to Japan, to New York and Berlin end of 2013.