Fashion Lace Leggings

Spring is coming and with it the urge to show off our leggings: here are the trends for spring 2017!

Spring is coming, the air warms up, the Sun begins to show a bit more and we need to stay comfortable in order to get out, jump, take your bike, make trips outside the city.
So what?
And then leggings!

Leggings for spring

As for the tights for this spring, remain in the head still prints.
Certainly the camouflage and speckled will go to a major, but with some extra touches that make some new matter: the camouflage will change color (how about blue?), the spotted is embellished with colorful details that make it less animal print and more spring.
Do not forget the floral, but pay close attention to the press: too much is too much, the choice of the press is important and the risk effect Grandma’s sofa is always around the corner.
To be used with caution. See for fashion lace leggings.
Polka dots and prints are bubble, but even here the same theorem of flowers: don’t overdo it!
Sound like Minnie is very easy.
If you are of those who want to be daring at all costs, then the fluorescent colors effect Nebula for you (wonderful ones from Nike, which, being designed for sport, I’m not exactly cheap) or some leggings funny as those of typical Valentine candies with printed with a written “Be my Valentine”.
You say too?
If you haven’t see them around braised, know that the leather leggings will dominate the spring, not to mention the lace that hasn’t decided to abandon the market, so be sure to have them in your closet.
Straight from the catwalk trend even leggings are fashionable cut out: so here they are in scuba with mesh, which let a little and some not.
You are among the curvy?
Don’t despair, leggings are for you too: for example, our site has a whole line dedicated to curvy, among which, besides the classic floral pleated leggings and very rock, that the petite do not have.
Score one for the curvy!

Jeggings My Love

Other end that can not miss in your closet are jeggings. To get out of the ordinary there are jeggins with Swarovski applications or those push up.
But the real news of this spring are the treggings. What are they?
Pretty much a cross between leggings and trouser, pants: the shape of the pants with the buttons, pockets and things typical of your jeans but comfortable fabric leggings.
A novelty not to be missed!