Fashion Trend 2016 Summer

Those who follow the trends that are emerging in the catwalks will realize that they will be spoken here, but for those who are still not in tune, will also realize to note that these are the clothes that we are beginning to increasingly see people using on the streets, and trends are among the famous too!

Pieces that won windows of the main shops and the red carpet of the awards are here:f


The fringes on the clothes have become quite frequent lately. They have a lot to do with the summer and have everything to do to give a perspective to look a little sexier. Combine the boldness with the hottest time. They are used even in shirts with transparency, then in dresses, blouses and skirts mostly!

The fringes are not only with the clothes, they mainly come with all the bags. Pair them with the country style jeans, lace and for more sophisticated occasions.

Not to be afraid to use, just follow some basic tips: to use the massive balance the look with fairer parts. If using for the night, finer fringes with brightness are appropriate. Do not overdo mixing parts and accessories with fringes, one is enough.


Transparencies came with everything. And for all too. You can use them in a more casual combination for a basic tour or in elegant and more worked productions. They are super feminine, but not to be ugly, it is necessary to know how to use properly not to get vulgar, and make all production lose grace.

Transparencies can be used in discrete forms, with a transparency that do not show a lot or even a low for regatinha, or dressed in one transparent bar. For the night it is allowed to dare a little more, with transparency in shaping necklines or other details, also complete with sparkles and fairer ways.


The round glasses had the series and came back as a strong trend. The glasses are indispensable accessories in the summer and this round model came along with retro fever. It is a piece that came through the main walkways used by models; by famous as Lady Gaga and even ordinary people are beginning to be adept! The cool thing is worth all: great little, retro, colorful frames, and mirrored lenses.

You can choose the model that pleases you more.

No matter what kind of model, it leaves the coolest look at the same time super fashion.


There are some trends also coming to this year. One is the lady like style that passes romanticism and delicacy. The look of the 50s looks back with midi skirts and marked waists, soft colors and floral print.

The color block with its geometric patterns and colors will cause blockade if used in a single piece of clothing.

The chic sports style has been great for women who prefer a comfortable and stripped look. It is more relevant to 90s, wearing shorts with elastic, exposed zippers and tennis clothes.

Fluid fabric will be great for the summer. It is a tendency for those who are adept at light and fresh clothes.

Prints of nature with flowers, landscapes and tropical designs and colors that mimic the flora and fauna are more new bet, as well as soft and delicate colors. Use the candy color palette. It will be a reference: rose pale, baby blue, lilac and salmon are among the most highly rated.

No Cold and Trendy

For cold days, looks with colors to make a sportier and modern air seems to take account in 2016. The trends are coming increasingly with colors and cheerful prints, and even for the winter, which usually always ask for more muted colors will surrender to this trend.

Fluid fabric, prints and geometric cuts, as I said above will also be present in the cooler weather stations. Overlays textures can be used.

Just remember: animal print, floral, lace and transparency.


The new trends are coming for almost all seasons. Then, as winter will follow the same summer line on hot days, feel free to use animal prints, bright colors such as blue, orange, pink and yellow and natural fabrics like silk, linen, leather and cotton.

This time is great that you do not need to renew the entire wardrobe. There are many fabrics and shapes that are being used and can be used without fear.

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