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Interest in fashion for most people is not unheard of, since from the beginning people are interested in how they dress and trends of society. This has become stronger, of course, with the creation of brands that today are successful, such as Chanel, for example. If you are interested in fashion, know all about fashion fashion and as part of that world.

How to Enter the Fashion World

The fashion fashion is fashion that sets trends, which causes commotion among the people, which brings controversial and unexpected creations and that is followed by fashionistas and people passionate about fashion.

Thus, the fashion fashion is not only the basic style of jeans and shirt from day to day, but a way to express to the middle of clothes, creating unique visual. If you want to bring that style to your life, learn how to be part of the world fashion.

* Accompanying Fashion Shows

It is undeniable that to be part of the fashion fashion is necessary to follow the shows, especially the major and most respected brands.

So the fashion weeks such as Paris, London, Milan, New York, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are great places to learn more about the main trends and is not even necessary to travel there, since it is possible to know the collections complete coverage on websites and magazines.

* Knowing and Idenfying Trends

It is also important to know how to identify and list the main trends of the season and this is achieved by train look at the fashion shows. After a few shows you become able to understand patterns and trends that will be the cry of the season.

Also, monitor sites, blogs and fashion magazines are also a great way to stay on top of all the fashion fashion.

* Creating Trends

Fashionista self-respecting, however, not only know and follow trends but also create their own trends. A piece become desire item after it is not uncommon it-girl bring the piece back in the past or come up with a different creation.

So the fashion fashion also allows and even requires you to be a little stylist to create their own trends.

* Having no Fear Risk

Create a trend or use a piece that was successful in fashion weeks and out of direct walkways to your wardrobe requires courage, as people who are not inside the fashion fashion world may wonder.

So it is important not to be afraid to risk the dress and the best at these times is to use the best piece possible: trust.

* Investing in Style Hi-Low

Fashion also means contrasts and nothing better to not weigh in the budget to invest in a style hi-lo, or the mixture of more expensive or elaborate pieces and cheaper or simple parts.

Thus, the visual is not loaded and the perfect balance is achieved by adapting the trends from the catwalks of unerring way.

* Betting on Classical Pieces

Jeans with a good cut and neutral washing, a simple black dress, a acinturado blazer and a scarpinnude are some of the pieces that never go out of fashion, so it is important to invest in classic pieces and will be for many seasons in your closet.

So the fashion fashion is not only made of innovative trends, but also classic pieces and that will never go out of fashion.

* Knowing that Style is not Brand

Another very important thing in fashion is fashion know that style is not synonymous with designer labels or expensive brands, since it is possible to find cheap parts that are not should on virtually nothing to designer clothes.

So, know that all a visual mark is not always more beautiful than intelligent combination of affordable and popular pieces.

* Customizing Their Parts

One of the trends for 2016 is the customization, but not only because it is important that you customize some of your clothes, as this will cause you to create unique pieces that have to do with you totally.

Customization, including, is directly linked to the creation of trends, as to customize you will be creating a unique piece and only yours.

* Translating Your Personality

Finally, for the fashion fashion fit in your life it is important that you use fashion as a tool to translate your personality, because only so their visual uproot praise and make you even more beautiful.

So, combine parts that have to do with you, your taste and personality to get the perfect look.

Thus, the fashion fashion offers many possibilities for lovers of clothes and style in general. Knowing how to enter that world, you have everything to create visuals that will draw attention and start positively praise.