Flannel Pants Men’s

Today’s post is about perhaps the most important pant in the closet for us at Manolo. Jeans, chinos and manchester are all very well but there are few trouser models that feels more right to the jacket in the fall than flanellbyxan. Common performance yesterday in antacitgrått but also models in blue, Brown or green is really neat to a uddakavaj.

Men's Flannel Pants

Flannel is a material most strongly associated with autumn. At the same time, we know that flannel can produce in a variety of thicknesses and with our Swedish climate, this model is often a viable option from september to may. The fit is of course individual but we consider this a little more casual model make themselves exceptionally well with a sharp blow to 4-5 cm at the base and a narrow, slightly tapered silhouette.

The normal way to avoid we would like to recommend kostymköp to be broken up and be worn individually but it is sometime this is perfectly reasonable, it is in the form of a flannel suit. A cotton costume risk unfortunately fading significantly during wear and use which may result in that it is unusable as a full suit. However, this is not the case with flannel.

A few classic gray flannel pants should be a given element in every man’s wardrobe as Michael Bastian. We are quite likely to agree with this in a pajama pants from Gant by Michael Bastian.

The light grey flanellbyxan is a supersofistikerad classics and makes itself under us best to slightly brighter colors in the shoe, shirt and jacket for not creating for extreme contrast. This from British Hackett. (Mr. Porter)

Flannel does not necessarily mean tones of gray. In a warm shade of blue, it becomes an elegant alternative to the jeans and fits perfectly to the brown jackets and light blue or white shirts. This in from the trouser specialist Incotex.

Even brown pants is a nice feature and is perhaps the best looking color you can wear the Navy Blue Blazer if you ask us. Worth considering is to choose a shoe in the shade that breaks a little towards the face color.Here from Oger Red.

Edwin from Rose & Born in a pair of flannel pants and a double-breasted Blazer.